This gorgeous Khan boy is making the right moves. In fact, we’d say that he’s a few steps ahead of his Mamu. One year into his career and he can already boast of a great line-up of movies, and of course, a huge fan following (read: female). Now Imran Khan has clinched a real biggie, the one big break that almost every actor in B-town waits for — the Dharma camp.

Sonam and Imran

Yes, apparently Imran will be seen in Karan Johar’s next, which is being directed by Puneet Malhotra (Manish Malhotra’s nephew). This newbie director had assisted Karan on K3G and KANK, and now KJo has given him the green signal to head his own venture. And guess who IK’s co-star is for this one, the lovely Sonam Kapoor. Sweet pair, no? And last but not the least… you will never in your wildest imagination guess the title of this movie. It’s tentatively called, I Hate Love Stories. Now are we supposed to believe that the KJo we know hates loves stories? No way! He’s gotta be kidding us.

Source: Joint Scene

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