One more person that Ash was very eager to talk with at the party was her ex-boyfriend, Vivek Oberoi. News is that she talked to him for a whole ten minutes! It was because of the controversial liaison between the two that almost cost Vivek his career and friends in Bollywood! He fought with Salman Khan for Ash and later with all his co-stars as well until he realized that he had no friends and even his girlfriend left in his life, it was too late. Since then Viveik has tried his level best to sort out differences with everyone, especially with Sallu mia but it’s been a waste of time and effort.

Ash and Vivek

However thing could change now for him on both the fronts-personal and professional since Ash has decided to let by-gones e by-gones. It seems if Ash and Vivek are to become friends’ again then automatically the entire Bollywood will forgive him.

Piece of advice to dude-Don’t go making enemies anymore!

Source: Zoom TV

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