Bollywood’s cool Katz’s act (she performed to the English version song of Jai Ho sung by the Pussycat Dolls) at the grand finale of the cricket tournament was the show-stealer alright. The lavish presentation, fireworks, laser displays, drumbeats and Eddy (Joanna) Grant…none of it missed us. But what really caught our roving eye was Katrina’s dance-performance with American R&B singer Akon.

Akon and Katrina Kaif

Hmm….we mean we couldn’t help notice how Akon was all eyes for the Bollywood diva. C’mon, we can’t blame him now, can we?

The man couldn’t get his gaze off Katz while performing live with her on stage. Of course, the world knows that Katrina’s heart goes beep-beep only for Sallu. As long as Akon knows what a toughie Sallu is…it’s all okay. We don’t want to see one Akon battle another Icon, now, hai na?

Source: Zoom TV

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