Arbaaz Khan had to do a bit of a task recently. Apparently his dad Salim and stepmother Helen had a bet on whether the new vodafone ads with the eggheads called Zoozoos were animated or real. While Salim believed it was computer graphics or animation, Helen thought otherwise.

Vodafone Zoozoo

Says Arbaaz Khan, “Now since the bet was on and neither would go to sleep unless they knew for sure what the truth really is, they felt the best person to call and find out is me. Honestly, though I had seen the vodofone ads with the eggheads called Zoozoos, I too was convinced they were not real. So according to me Helen aunty had won that bet. But since I was not 100% sure I told dad give me 15 mins, will go on the net and find out. I was amazed to find out that they are infact real people, obviously in the guise of the creation a wingless bird called zoozoo, shocking.”

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