Shahid Kapoor's girl friendsShahid Kapur made a conscious decision about not speaking about his personal life, after his break-up with Kareena Kapoor. Though there are many link-up stories surrounding Shahid, he has always preferred to keep his lips sealed.

It seems Shahid Kapur has a change of mind. He finally decided to shed light on the subject in an interview. Shahid revealed, “I have not spoken about my private life for the last two years and will continue not to do so. All I am going to say is that I am not going to make an effort to hide a relationship. When there is something substantial, people will know about it.”

He added, “There’s very little as an actor that you can keep to yourself, and this is an area which I would like to keep to myself. At the same time I would not like to be a hypocrite and hide it. But when I feel that there is something that I am sure of I will speak about it. It doesn’t mean there’s something between me and Priyanka that I am not sure of.”

He also revealed that he likes women who are real, honest, sensitive, have a sense of humour and have a sense of loyalty. “I think if you have these four or five basics in place, you can make any relationship work,” he said.

Shahid further added, “When those basics are strong, then the relationship is strong. That’s how I look at relationships. Both people have to want it as much, and when the basics are strong, you can ride any storm. Both people have to want to make the relationship work as much.”

Well done Shahid. We know you are a public figure. But telling a bit about your personal life won’t cause much harm.

Source: IANS

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