There were fights and camps in B-town. When Aamir and SRK were at loggerheads, even Akshay Kumar was in the reckoning for top slot. News has it that in this ‘Battle of the Badshahs’, Akki and Aamir were on one side.

Akki and SRK

But of late, as Aamir and SRK seem to have reconciled by coming together on a common platform thanks to the multiplex strike, Akshay, too, seems to have softened up, and in fact in his blog had some good things to say about Shah Rukh and his team. “I’d like to send my best regards to Shah Rukh and his team,” writes Akshay, “You’ve put up a good fight, so don’t worry boys you will always be loved!”

Ahem, ahem! Now taking into consideration the Knights’ performance, one wonders if this is just step one in a new friendship game of sorts between the ‘Badshah’ and ‘King’!

Source: Zoom TV

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