After all those verbal fights, the two Khans have finally patched-up. On Sunday night, Aamir and Shah Rukh met at Karan Johar’s Khar residence to settle their differences and work together to fight the current problems the industry is in due to the multiplex issue.

Aamir and SRK Together

Aamir’s spokesperson confirmed the meeting but was unable to give details. Karan Johar confirmed and said, “Yes, we met but it was an official meeting regarding the situation the industry is in. I would not like to discuss anything further till I can.”

Aamir SRK

So what made them bury the hatchet on Sunday night? A close hand reveals, “Now that the industry is in trouble with no film releasing in multiplexes, producers wanted both SRK and Aamir to work together to sort out the strike issue. While both the actors sent a letter of consent to show their support, they did not attend the meeting. However, as an afterthought, Aamir decided to take matters in his hands.”

Source: Big Oye

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