With reports stating that actor Anil Kapoor has grounded daughter Sonam because she came back home at 4 am after a party, the spotlight is back on the wild partying habits of the Kapoor sisters — Sonam, 23, and Rhea, 21.

Sonam Kapoor partying

Photographs of the two girls, taken at a party a couple of years ago, have suddenly become hot property on the Internet with comments running into hundreds in the wake of recent reports.

Sonam Kapoor after getting drunk at party

Although Anil Kapoor has allowed Sonam to carry on with her work as an actress, he apparently was very miffed with her latecoming after the revelry, night after night.

Rhea is also said to be a party animal. For a while, she was assisting filmmaker Ayaan Mukherjee on Karan Johar’s production Wake Up Sid but is no longer with the film. Now Rhea is helping Anil Kapoor in his home production Ayesha, starring Sonam Kapoor and Abhay Deol. When HT City messaged Rhea with a query on her sister being grounded, she did not reply.

According to a Bollywood news website, “This probably wasn’t the first time that this has happened because, when it comes to his children, Anil Kapoor is a disciplinarian and has set rules and regulations for them.”

That the girls love a rollicking party is evident from their photographs on pinkvilla. The spokesperson for the site says, “These pictures were submitted to our site by a registered user on Pink Villa sometime last year.”

The pictures have got mixed reviews from people visiting the website — most say it is no big deal, while some express shock, considering Sonam’s ‘homely’ image. One comment says, “I don’t think it’s a bad thing because every youngster in India also partys (sic) like this. People who think it’s bad are thinking like those who attacked girls in [a] Manglore pub!! Come on people this is 21st century.”

Reportedly, two guards escort Sonam whenever she steps out of the house, but she still sneaks out for some fun. Sonam has neither confirmed nor denied the incident, stating, “I am always on time.”

Source: Hindustan Times

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