With six film releases last year, it’s safe to say Priyanka Chopra is one of the hardest working women in Bollywood today. Even more recently she’s been taking on a full load and has been under a lot of pressure. Well recently while shooting for the film, “What’s Your Raashi” Priyanka fainted. Many assumed that her hard work had finally taking a toll on her health. However, others had different speculations. Could Priyanka Chopra be pregnant??

Priyanka Chopra Pregnant

So here is what happened. She collapsed and went unconscious for a few moments… Sounds like pretty scary stuff! Everyone on the sets including director Ashutosh Gowarikar was worried about the actress and a doctor was quickly called to the sets. Priyanka’s mom (who also happens to be a doctor) also rushed to her daughter’s side. She was naturally as any mother would be, worried about her daughter’s health.

Well, turns out Priyanka Chopra was back on her feet sooner then you’d think. The ‘Desi Girl’ was all ready to go in front of the camera again even though Ashutosh Gowarikar suggested packing up for the day. But Priyanka being the workaholic and professional that she is, completed the shoot and only after she did so she left for the hospital to get checked out. So what caused her to faint?

Turns out Priyanka fainted due to exhaustion and low blood pressure. So Miss Chopra is not pregnant! Thank god! But damn girl, we know you’re dedicated to your craft, but you have to take care of yourself too! We wouldn’t want something worse to happen to Priyanka now would we? Now you’d think after that she would rest right? Wrong! The very next day Priyanka Chopra was all smiles as she performed a hot dance number at the Pantaloons Femina Miss India Finale. Now that’s what we call a person who’s dedicated to their craft!

Source: Desi Hits

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