Preity Zinta is sure earning accolades for her brilliant performance in Videsh, but back home, Miss Bubbly Zinta is facing trouble. Preity and beau Ness Wadia had organized for a special screening of Videsh for their friends. But the get-together ended with a shocking incident when a sloshed Ness Wadia slapped Preity in front of her friends.

Preity Zinta and Ness Wadia

Apparently, the two had an argument over Preity’s character in the film. Preity announced that she will never tolerate a dominating man in her life which didn’t go down well with Ness as he thought she wanted to convey something to him indirectly. The argument turned into a tiff and Ness slapped Preity in the heat of the moment, and thereafter, chose to leave the place.

A source close to Preity reveals that such incidents are nothing new for Ness-Preity. It is one of the reasons Preity took the role of Chand in Videsh. The two are habitual of creating a ruckus at times but also patch-up soon after. Talk of art imitating real life. Eh?

Source: Big Oye

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