Neil Nitin Mukesh in JailNeil Nitin Mukesh is not afraid of taking risks or baring it all for that matter. In Madhur Bhandarkar’s Jail, the young actor has done something which many actors hesitate to do – go nude for a scene! In the film Neil plays a prisoner, and undergoes various kinds of torture by the authorities.

Director Bhandarkar is known as being a stickler for realistic scenes and so took Neil and few other unit members to visit prisons across the country. Bhandarkar made sure Neil was comfortable doing the scene and filmed it with only himself and the cinematographer present in the room. Mukesh reveals that what happens to his character in the movie is extremely humiliating, but asserts that the scene was filmed very professionally.

Sources say that Bhandarkar wanted to shoot the scene in such a way that it wouldn’t be labelled vulgar. The director made a conscious effort to keep the audience’s sentiments in mind when filming the scene. Bhandarkar was apparently adamant that the particular torture scene appears in the movie so viewers could get a sense of what goes on in jails.

In parallel news, sizzling actor John Abraham has also dropped his clothes for a jail torture scene in his soon-to-be-released movie New York.

Source: India Glitz

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