It appears that the actress injured both her hands in a road accident. Consequently, her plans of heading to Kerala to learn martial arts for the Kamal Haasan starrer The 19th Step have to be postponed.

Asin Thotumkal

About a week ago, passing by in her car on a busy road, the Ghajini actress saw a little boy on the road coming in the way of speeding cars.

Without a thought, she stopped her car, rushed out and swooped the child into her arms to rush him towards safety. However in the process, she fell on the road on both her hands.

Quickly evading staring eyes, Asin handed over the child to a building watchman and sped away. She thought that was the end of the story.

Little did she know that a few days after the mishap, her hands would reveal their true colours.

“I woke up in the most acute pain. I couldn’t move either of my hands, not even to brush my teeth! They had gone numb,” says Asin, with a terrified laugh.

Panic-stricken, Asin’s parents took her to the Lilavati Hospital, Bandra, where the doctors said she had torn ligaments in both her hands.

“My biceps and triceps got affected and my hands had swollen to the sizes of balloons.

Luckily, I didn’t have to wear bandages, so I could attend the Fashion Week for Manish Malhotra and do my best to cover up the injury. To my surprise, no-one noticed.” Manish didn’t even get to know of her discomfort.

Embarrassed, Asin says, “And I saw no reason to tell him.It was a commitment. And from where I come that means you had better do what you have to. As for the child, anyone would do the same.”

Have the child’s parents got in touch with Asin to express their gratitude?

Asin hedges the question. “Maybe they didn’t know who I was. But I didn’t do it to be thanked. I did what came naturally to me.

Yes my trip to Kerala to train in kalari payattu for BharatBala’s film is postponed. But Kamalji is free to start his training without me.”

Talking about her image as a ‘difficult’ actress in Mumbai, Asin laughs, “Maybe I’m not doing something right. Maybe I should save some more kids on the road.”

Source: Mid-Day

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