StraightCast: Vinay Pathak, Gul Panag, Anuj Choudhry and others; Director: Parvati Balagopalan; Rating: 3 out of 5.

The film is a breezy exploration of the twin bogeys that most Indian men have about their sexuality. First, they are embarrassed by their virginity — you can’t not have done it by now! — and second, they still like to play it straight. Alternate sexuality is very much in the closet and most men — and women — would be traumatised to find their hormones acting strangely.

Pinu Patel (Vinay Pathak), a London-based restauranteer, is plagued by similar problems. Having been stood up by the bride on his wedding day, he is saddled with his virginity till doomsday. Or so he thinks, for he doesn’t have the moves that would charm a girl. But hey, is that the real problem or is his effusive, overtly affectionate cook cum stand-up comedian (Ayush Choudhry) the crux of his dilemma. Pinu is forced to review his situation, once he begins dreaming about the boyish Ayush who nonchalantly plants a kiss on his lips and follows him with puppy dog devotion. The confusion gets compounded, specially since Pinu doesn’t seem to have the hots for his comely cashier (Gul Panag) and turns green whenever the cashier and the cook get cosy.

PosterIs straight-jacketed Pinu ready to accept his alternate sexual preferences, specially since he admits he’s revolted by the very though that he just might be gay? It takes a lot of brotherly advice from his gay Gujju cousin and a clandestine encounter with his cashier to show him the truth: love is love, any which way. Straight or gay.

Low key and light-hearted, the film cruises along untrodden paths, with Vinay Pathak cementing his place as a tedha-medha (read unconventional) actor who successfully dares to go solo.

Source: Times of India

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