John Abraham and Bipasha Basu are going strong with every passing day and are together for 7 years now. They still look much in love though sporadic jolts of them parting ways keep rumour mills busy. Both John and Bipasha never felt the need to cozy up in full public view as it’s quite a private thing to do in public. And here’s why.

John Showing his Body in Dostana

“When we go out, she’s very approachable, though I see men getting intimidated by her. She doesn’t need a John Abraham to protect her. In fact she jokingly says, “if they are shorter than me, I’ll handle it, if they are taller than me, you come in.” But actually nothing matters to her, she is a very strong individual and I am a strong individual too. So we don’t need to coochie coo and be this couple in public,” explains butty-licious actor.

Bipasha had said in her interview that if anyone dares to come between him and her, she would kick his butt. So when who’s butt will it be, his or the other guy? “(Laughs) I’m sure she was referring to the other person’s butt. Like I said before, mine is too famous.”

When asked if he second her move to return back from the shooting of Lamhaa unannounced, John stood by her decision. “The reason was the lack of security that was provided there at that point. She needed to come back until there was complete security. Let me tell you, there’s always a slip between the cup and the lip and if something goes wrong, there’s no turning back. She was completely justified in coming back at that point of time, till the producers provided ample security for her, which they did when she went back,” clarifies John.

It’s quite a feat to get a boy friend like John Abraham, Bips! Girls! John’s totally taken, so stop sighing about him!

Source: Film Nirvana

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