Hurman BawejaIn recent times, Hurman Baweja’s ex, Priyanka Chopra has made two public appearances with her new beau Shahid Kapoor. They first made an appearance together at Karan Johar’s bash last month and last weekend, were spotted together at Kareem Morani’s birthday party. If Hurman Baweja is hurting, it isn’t evident. Except for him spending a lot more time on his profile on the social networking site Facebook (keeping tabs on PC and Shasha?)

A source close to the actor reveals, “Hurman has not talked about the split to anyone. He has just thrown himself into his shooting and has not even made any public appearances. The only sign that all is not well are his status messages which reflect how he is lonely after being single, etc.”

The source continues, “His FB status have been revealing his feelings. One of the messages said how he is planning to watch sad love story The Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind for the nth time. Another one said how change is the only thing constant. To one point, his status message read how he is embracing single hood but he deleted the message minutes after posting it.

He also speaks about spending quality Sunday afternoons with his family.” Earlier Sundays were spent with Priyanka at his home.” A friend of the actor adds, “The philosophical messages like ‘why can’t life be simple’ simply shows his present state of mind. The break-up has surely affected him but he is coping and learning to move on. Earlier he was very secretive about his relationship on Priyanka’s request but now he is openly expressing his feelings on the social networking site.”

Source: Film Nirvana

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