In his most candid interview yet, Kelly Dorjee talks to Stardust magazine about ex-girlfriend Lara Dutta now seeing his once-upon-a-time good friend Dino Morea. Read on for excerpts.

Dino Morea, Lara Dutta and Kelly Dorje

On Dino: “He was my best friend; not any more. When Lara and I broke up, we moved on so she was free to see whoever she wanted to see.”

On the Dino-Lara relationship
“I still haven’t accepted this entirely. My words just don’t flow smoothly because I feel wronged. I have become very spiritual in my life and I have searched a lot to discover myself.

So now, I don’t judge anybody. But Dino lied to me. Dino never had the guts to come and tell me.

In fact, he spent so much time with me hiding it. Even after he started dating Lara, he never told me and you know what.”

On his friendship with Dino
“He hasn’t told me till date. She had to come and tell me because he didn’t. One has to be a man and stand up for what you do. If one wants to piss away 15 years then be ready to stand up for it.”

On being wronged
“Dino doesn’t need to apologise to me or do anything for me. The truth is he’s wronged himself and his way of life.

When he is old and lying down ready to leave this world, I truly hope he doesn’t look back in regret because everybody deserves to live well.

There is nothing he can do to correct it as it’s done. What hurt me was that Dino didn’t have the guts to tell me himself.

I didn’t find out from anybody else but at the same time, even after spending so much time with me, he didn’t tell me.

We would be in London together and after being with me for a while, he would run away saying he’s got some work and would be shopping with her. All this I found out later on.”

Last words to Dino:”I have never tried to defame Dino. This is the first time I am even uttering his name in so long. All I will say is that don’t go around telling the world you didn’t do nothing wrong. Don’t speak about it but don’t deny it either.”

(More in the latest issue of Stardust which hits the stands today)

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