Looks like Aishwarya Rai has competiton on the homefront! Her brother Aditya’s wife Shrima was the first runner-up at the Gladrags Mrs India 2009 pageant over the weekend.

Mrs India 2009 Winner Shrima Rai, Sophia Handa and Shillik Sharma

The 27-year-old has no modelling experience. Wonder if she harbours acting aspirations like her sis-in-law? Lending Shrima support at the event were Aditya with his parents Krishnaraj and Vrinda Rai. It was after a long gap that Krishnaraj, a cancer patient made a public apperance.

But Ash was missing at the event. Sources say that she did not want to take the spotlight away from her bhabhi. But is it the real cause, or is it her insecurity, that her Bhabhi is hogging the lime-light now, that kept Ash away from the event. Not to forget, Ash was also the first runner-up at the Miss India contest in 1994.

Source: Film Nirvana

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Is Aishwarya feeling insecure of her bhabhi Shrima Rai?, 3.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings Advertisement