Two motorcycle-borne miscreants arrived outside actor Shah Rukh Khan’s residence, Mannat, at Bandra’s Bandstand around 2.30 am on Friday (Feb 13) and one of the boys hurled a bottle of kerosene inside the bungalow.

SRK and Deepika

Khan at that time was on a flight to London with Billu co-stars Irrfan Khan and Lara Dutta. Khan’s security personnel were unable to note the registration number of the bike in the darkness. Nobody sustained any injury and deputy commissioner of police Niket Kaushik confirmed that a complaint was registered. “They had a bottle of kerosene, which they threw inside,” he added.

A Bollywood trade insider said a fundamentalist group was upset with the use of the word, “huzoor-ne”, in the song, “Marjaani, marjaani”, featuring Khan and Kareena Kapoor in the film.

Later, on Friday morning, a group of protesters gathered outside Bandra’s G-7 cinema complex where Billu was playing and broke glass and tore up posters. A staffer confirmed the attack but said he was unaware of the reason for it. Theatre managers immediately connected the protesters with Khan and he had a word with them.

The film has run into several rounds of protests from varied quarters and Friday’s follow the objections raised by the Barbers’ Association of Mumbai to the word “Barber” in the film’s original title; Khan agreed to knock off the word from the title at the last hour because he didn’t wish to hurt the sentiments of any people or community. Khan even had a screening of the film for 600 barbers at Gaiety on Thursday.

Khan said, “These are just people who want to garner some publicity for themselves. They have no cause or reason to really behave like this. By throwing moltov…petrol and soda water kind of bombs, all they are doing is creating a bad name for their organisation and our own people of the state and the country.

The song words very clearly say rab ke hazoor `MEIN’ khasamanukhani marjaani bhi kha leen (not rab ke hazoor-ne’) which means have sworn in front of God…duniya ki aoni boni…also done the worldly duties…but haven’t found a girl like you, etc.

The lyrics do not connotate anything to do with our respected Prophet at all. Also my message to these people is to please don’t make an issue where none exists and spoil innocent lives and their weekend by this completely uncalled for reaction.”

Khan urged, “Please hear the song properly before thinking they know better than the film-makers like me…who are absolutely dedicated to making sure no sentiments are ever hurt by our work.”

Deputy commissioner of police Niket Kaushik confirmed that “one of the boys had a bottle of kerosene in his hand, which he hurled at the actor’s bungalow”.

Source: TimesNow

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