Pia glenn with Salman RushdieSir Salman Rushdie knows how to charm beautiful blonde even after four failed marriages — the 61-year-old Indian-born British novelist is now seeing glamour girl Pia Glenn, 29 years her junior, a US media report said.

Sir Salman, who separated with ‘Top Chef’ enchantress Padma Lakshmi two years back, was spotted with Glenn at the Mansion party for the show’s opening night, the ‘New York Daily News’ reported.

“She’s unbelievably talented. She’s a show-stopper,” the Booker Prize winning author said when he was asked about their relationship.

On being asked about what it was like to dance with Glenn, Sir Salman said: “It’s a little scary. There’s a long line of men getting ready. I’ll take that position against the wall.”

Glenn, who claimed to have knowledge about Sir Salman’s work and the years when he spent in hiding after the Ayatollah Khomeini condemned him as a blasphemer, said: “I don’t get intimidated by people. I just like cool people. We sat next to each other and just talked and talked and talked.”

Source: Timesnow

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