Chandni Chowk To ChinaFilmmaker Ramesh Sippy has apologised for a scene in his latest film “Chandni Chowk to China” which mentions India instead of Nepal as the birth place of Lord Buddha.

Nepal witnessed a huge uproar over the issue when the film released last month.

The opening scene where a voiceover described the hero (Akshay Kumar) as a man hailing from the birth place of Lord Buddha (India) was deleted in Nepal, however the scene was retained in India and elsewhere.

Buddha was born in Lumbini in Nepal, which is revered by Buddhists all over the world. The neighbouring country witnessed large scale demonstrations when Bollywood’s first kungfu comedy hit the screens.

Talking to reporters yesterday, Sippy said the film did not intend to hurt anyone’s feelings. But,he admitted the film’s script team fell short in research while handling a historical fact.

“The controversial scene is just a voiceover and was not even required. It would be deleted,” he said apologising on behalf of the entire cast and crew.

The film starring Akshay Kumar and Deepika Padukone has been panned by the critics and declared as a box office failure even though producers have claimed that it has earned Rs 45 crore.

Source: TimesNow

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