Rahman with OscarsThe world is roaring at his feet. He was India’s past; he is truly India’s present and will for sure be India’s future too. The 81st Academy Awards will forever remain and will be cherished not just by the ace musician, but will be celebrated by every Indian living across the nation. Yes, A.R. Rahman is certainly the man of the moment, a name which is famous even on the slum children’s mouth.

Indian music maestro, A.R. Rahman has proudly won two Oscars awards for Best Original song for ‘Jai Ho’ and best background score. Rahman win comes as the crowning glory and he truly deserves the honor, not just for this movie, but for the fabulous music he has been making for over a decade. Our heartiest congratulation goes to the musical genius A.R. Rahman. Let us take a sneak peak at his filmi(musical) career graph.

Born in Madras (now Chennai) on 6th January, 1966, Rahman complete name is Allah Rakha Rahman. Rahman played many instruments and later joined people like Zakir Hussain, M.S. Vishwanathan, and Ramesh Naidu on world tours. He soon obtained a degree in Trinity college, Oxford where he graduated with a degree in western classical music.

Rahman’s tasted the fruit of success in 1992 by providing music score and sound track to Mani Ratnam’s Roja. He was awarded with Rajat Kamal and best music director for national film awards.

Rahman worked wonders in many tamil and telugu movies. Some of his noted and renowned work in hindi cinema which created a vibe for more than a decade are Roja(1992), Bombay(1995), Rangeela(1995), Fire(1996), Daud(1997), Dil Se, Earth(1998), Taal(1998), Zubeidaa, Nayak(2000), Lagaan(2001), Sathiya(2002), Lakeer, Meenaxi(2003), Yuva, Kisna, Swades(2004), Rang De Basanti, Guru(2006), Jodhaa Akbar, Jaane tu ya Jaane na, Yuvraaj, Ghajini(2008), Slumdog Millionaire, Delhi 6(2009). Rahman is working on many more projects which are yet to create history.

This is just a brief on the great renowned singer. He is truly a masterpiece in his department. Rahman is certainly someone who has redefined the meaning of music and things related to music.

We hope he brings us many more Oscars in near future. Jai Ho.

Source: Real Bollywood

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