Billu BarberThe title of Shah Rukh Khan’s forthcoming release ‘Billu Barber’ has been changed to ‘Billu’ as the “barber” in the title had invoked the wrath of an association of hairdressers, who felt that the term in the title was derogatory.

Shah Rukh Khan, the producer of the film, has spoken to representatives of the Salon and Beauty Parlors Association about the problem. It is learnt that the term ‘barber’ would be removed from all the hoardings of ‘Billu barber’.

“Posters and hoardings belong to the production, which is Red Chillies. It is a little expensive to try to change the posters, so, that we couldn’t have done,” he a news channel.

Khan said though there is nothing wrong with the title, they did not want to hurt anybody’s sensibilities.

Source: MSN

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