The camaraderie between Hrithik Roshan and Mexican beauty Barbara Mori goes beyond professionalism.

The ways of Bollywood seem to be rubbing off on Barbara. In an industry where personal relations, friends and goodwill score over apathetic professionalism, Barbara has adjusted well, to say the least. This was evident when Hrithik Roshan got injured recently while shooting a stunt for Kites .

Barbara Mori

Normally, a staunchly professional actress would have been concerned if her co-star got injured but she wouldn’t have gone out of her way to accompany him to the hospital. But Barbara reportedly did just that.

Seeing Hrithik bleeding from a gashed wrist, she worried and remained by Hrithik’s side as he was rushed to the hospital and given stitches.

This gesture goes to show how much Barbara cares for Hrithik who, in his turn, has shown her remarkable hospitality ever since she came to Mumbai with her mother and sister. Hrithik not just made sure that their stay in the city is comfortable, but was there for them whenever they needed something.

Source: Apunkachoice

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