SRK suffers shoulder injuryThe shoulders that have for long propelled Bollywood’s dream run now need a prop-up.

Shah Rukh Khan, a pillar of Brand India whose other global face Manmohan Singh is recuperating from a heart bypass, will undergo a surgery to repair a torn shoulder muscle.

The actor has been largely homebound since his return from Los Angeles last week where he shot a long schedule for Karan Johar’s My Name is Khan.

“He has a tear in the rotator cuff on his left and requires an arthroscopy. It is a minimally invasive surgery in which a small incision is made and the repair is performed,” said a Mumbai doctor aware of the star’s medical condition.

In an arthroscopy, the surgeon looks at a video screen connected to a camera that is inserted into the body, together with working instruments. “Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair is done under regional anaesthesia, with patients able to return home the same day,” the orthopaedic surgeon said.

But unlike the Prime Minister, who had the heart bypass soon after blockages were found, Shah Rukh is pleading for a little delay though doctors, including his personal physiotherapist Dr Ali Irani, insist he go through it at the earliest.

“His home production Billu Barber is set for a February 13 release and he wants two weeks to promote it. So dates have not been fixed yet, but doctors are trying to convince him to hurry this up,” said a source close to the actor.

Shah Rukh is no stranger to surgeries. He had a knee operation in 2000 and a spinal surgery in February 2003. “Thanks to my injuries, I know every part of my body, all the muscles, the tendons,” he said at a conference of physiotherapists here a few days ago.

Shah Rukh had injured his shoulder in December while shooting for Dulha Mil Gaya.

“Doctors had advised him surgery and asked him to go through physiotherapy as well. But he had to go to Los Angeles for Karan’s film. The LA cold worsened things. They did an MRI there and found a muscle tear in his left shoulder,” the source said.

“The surgery is likely to be performed in India though his previous operations were done abroad,” the source added.

SRK’s production house is keeping the star busy despite the injury. “After returning from LA, Shah Rukh was in great pain. But he still shot a television promo for Knights and Angels, a TV reality show to spot cheerleaders for his IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders,” said the source.

On Tuesday, he wrapped his shoulder in a red scarf and attended the launch of Ghar Ki Baat Hai, a sitcom produced by Red Chillies Idiot Box.

If he was in discomfort, Shah Rukh didn’t show it. Instead, he lashed out at critics of Slumdog Millionaire who have been complaining the film glorifies poverty. “Isn’t that (poverty) a reality? If you (critics) have a problem with the word ‘slumdog’, why don’t you look positively and see that there is a word millionaire or crorepati also,” he said.

The film’s title has drawn lawsuits for the use of the word slumdog. Amitabh Bachchan also stirred a controversy when his blog said the film “projects India as third-world, dirty, underbelly developing nation”. But the actor later clarified the views were not his. Many people write on his site and he was just quoting one of them, Bachchan said.

Source: Telegraph India

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