Billu BarberBillu Barber Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Irfaan Khan, Asrani, Lara Dutta, Kareena and Deepika Padukone; Director: Priyadarshan; Music: Pritam

‘Billu Barber’ stars Irrfan Khan as a village barber named Billu whose barbershop is struggling as he can’t keep up with the times. When a film crew arrives in his village to shoot a movie that stars superstar Sahin Khan (SRK), Billu informs the whole village that he was once friends with the superstar. Everyone starts buzzing and Billu becomes highly respected in the village and his business grows, but Billu is worried his star pal won’t recognize him.

He tries his best to meet Sahin Khan but gives up after a number of failed attempts. Soon everyone begins hating and bad mouthing him, including his children and wife played by the beautiful Lara Dutta. However in a twist ending the truth is revealed to all.

Movie Trailer:


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