Sanjay Dutt and Salman KhanThe latest long-lost buddy that Salman has kissed and made up with is Sanjay Dutt. The patch up happened on Thursday, on the sets of Anil Sharma’s Veer at Film City. The initiative was taken by Salman Khan, a few days ago, when he heard that Dutt was shooting at an adjoining set.

A source close to the production house said, “It is true that Salman came all the way to Sanju’s sets. But when he realised that Dutt was shooting for Bunty Walia, he quickly beat a retreat. It is a well-known fact that Walia was a part of Salman’s group until things soured between them.

So he regretfully turned back without meeting Dutt. When Dutt heard about this, he took charge of the situation. On Thursday afternoon, he walked up to Salman’s sets. The bitterness melted away the minute they hugged.”

Sanju Baba and Sallu MiaThey spent the next 45 minutes chatting with each other like long-lost friends. They have now promised to meet up regularly. At the end of the reunion, Dutt and Khan have decided to do a film together. The film will be produced by Sanjay.

So what had gone wrong between Salman and his erstwhile mentor and role model? The two were thick as thieves until the world tour where Salman apparently cut his hand to impress Dutt… a macho gesture that didn’t go down well with Dutt. And from then on they weren’t on talking terms.

Source: Indiatimes

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