Neha Dhupia in MaharathiA gorgeous missy with her alluring looks who just sweeps out hearts of young lads with her mesmerizing looks. Yup! Neha Dupia, the wonderful actress hasn’t been getting a flick that could peak her to greater heights. Most of her films were off multi-starrer ones and didn’t establish her with a rigidly powerful portrayal. ‘Uh-huh! Watch me in Sivam Nayyar’s Maharathi, I’ve got a meaty role to play on female lead’ says elated Neha Dupia. Well, she doesn’t let her tongue more on character since it would be merely a great surprise for audiences while watching her on the screen. All she says about Maharathi is that it’s a fantastic thriller about a murder and everyone fighting for inheriting the victim’s wealth.

Would it be a greatest milestone in her career? Neha is excited about this film as she had the great opportunity of working with versatile personalities Om Puri and Naseeruddin Shah. But all her expectations are mounted with forthcoming release ‘Pappu Can’t Dace Saala’ where she performs the role of Mahek Malwade, an immaculate girl that’s quite colorful.

Neha Dhupia

On her issues of pairing up with Emran Hasmi and Richard Branson’s gesture on television show, Neha says there isn’t anything special to chit-chat about it. “It’s just media that sensationalizes me with everything” tots up Dupia‚Ķ

Source: Indiaglitz

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