Lara Dutta and Dino Dino Morea is often seen with Lara Dutta these days and admits he enjoys her company, but the actor is quick to state there is nothing more to it.

Q: You seem to have gone into hiding?
A: Why do you say that? Professional and personal aspects of my life have been written about. I did cameos in “Karz” and “Heroes” and I wanted people to write about it. But the press finds other things in my life more interesting.

Q: You mean your friendship with Lara Dutta?
A: Yeah, that too. I wish the media would have written about my excitement about working with an entirely new team in “Heroes”. Mithunda (Chakraborty) played my father. As for “Karz”, it’s a guest appearance. My role lasted for four minutes. And I did it for T-Series and they promised me lengthier roles in future.

Q: Hah, promises. Remember how you were cheated in “Aap Ki Khatir”?
A: Yeah. That was a good role to begin with. But in the publicity they short-changed me. That wasn’t in good taste. I’m happy with “Karz”. I’m now turning producer and I’d like my relationship with T-Series to go further. We’re in talks for more films and production tie-ups. Then we’ll announce the cast. My director, Pravesh Kumar, has a wish list of actors.

Q: And your brothers?
A: My elder brother Niki is running the cafe chain Crepe Station. He isn’t into movies at all. But my younger brother Santino is assisting Karan Johar on his next “I Am Khan”. He wanted to act, but now he enjoys being behind the camera. Then Santino will join my production house. All three of us live together in my house. And since none of us is married, it’s like a bachelors’ bad.

Q: What happens when Lara Dutt comes home?
A: Sorry?

Q: Doesn’t Lara visit you?
A: She is a dear friend and she does come home. All my friends are allowed to come home.

Q: How special is Lara?
A: She’s very special.

Q: More special than your other female friends?
A: Ha ha. Stop comparing women. That’s bad manners.

Q: You’re known to be quite a womaniser. Suddenly we see you in only one woman’s company?
A: Womaniser? That’s completely untrue. I’m just very friendly by nature. And even when I’m having lunch with a friend it’s misconstrued as a romantic liaison. As for being seen with Lara, she’s great company. I enjoy being with her. We do go out together.

Q: Lara and you make a great pair. When do we see you together on screen?
A: I don’t deny we make a good pair together. It’s up to producers and directors to cast us together.

Q: Will she be in your first production?
A: It’s entirely up to my director. But, yes, Lara is in my wish list. I am right now working on my career. I know I’m stepping into a new phase. I’m being very careful about the work I choose. I haven’t accepted a script in the last year-and-a-half.

I wanted to be sure about the script and banner. I’m very excited about Sanjay Gupta’s “Acid Factory”. It was really fun shooting with Manoj Bajpai, Danny Denzongpa, Aftab Shivdasani and Fardeen Khan. We had a blast. I might be doing another film with him.

Source: IANS

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