Love is surely in the air for Ameesha and her boyfriend Kanav Puri.

Real Life picture of Ameesha

The Gujju babe’s acting career may not be at an all time high but it’s her personal life that’s been more in the news off-late.

Ameesha Patel Love

At present Ameesha and Kanav spending are spending some lovey dovey times with each other and needless to say the duo seems really happy in each other’s company.

Kanav and Amisha

Ameesha and Kanav are seen having a ball of a time in some of the world’s exotic locations such as ‘The Louvre’ in Paris. Kanav even seems to be enjoying the cake off Ameesha’s fingers on the occasion of her birthday.

Cute couple Amisha and Kanav

Must say, this is one couple who certainly seem ‘Made for Each Other’.

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