Sorry BhaiMovie Star Cast: Sharman Joshi, Chitrangada Singh, Sanjay Suri, Shabana Azmi, Boman Irani and others; Director: Onir; Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Every story has a background, which a director must understand and project along to support his main idea. Onir got this right with My Brother Nikhil, for his characters were finely entwined in the setting, bringing out the beauty of both but with Sorry Bhai!, that canvas goes amiss.

Besides, with an idea so bland, the least Onir could have come up with is interesting characterisation. But the three protagonists – Aaliyah (Chitrangada), Siddharth (Sharman) and Harry… Harshwardhan (Sanjay) – are just as uncooked and tasteless. Sorry Bro… This one’s a D!

An interesting beginning though, two middle aged brothers, the father, off to get the younger one married; a lady joins in on the way… while her two sons are already with them… A white girl looks down from the window of the court as they arrive. She looks pretty in the white dress! What? A deception! Everything changes from here, the hair colour, the screen tone, the intriguing setting, and… Gradually you interest levels too. For this is just what you thought it is, a story of a man who falls in love with his elder brother’s fiancé… and doesn’t run away. The man being Sharman… who is a failed physicist but a good person. He takes ‘maa kassam’ (the relevance of which comes later) that he will convince his mother (Shabana Azmi) to attend his brother’s (they are not on best terms) wedding in Mauritius. And he does fulfil his promise, but breaks an eternal one – To never fall in love with your brother’s wife to be!

And she is in love with him too (so quick so fast that she almost comes across as phoney. Her reasons for falling out of love with Harry not well justified either). Meanwhile, Harry has no clue as he is way too washed out by the economic meltdown. *My Sympathies*. The mother and the father remain out of this track until the end; however courtesy Boman – Shabana, we get our laughter breaks (a big help!).

What next? A whole hotchpotch of slow moving and never ending pursuit of each other. Finally, the mother intervenes and puts ‘maa kassam’ on to Sharman that he will not marry Aaliyah… and he doesn’t! But yet they live happily ever after… together, he and Aaliyah… How? I know you would love me if I give that out but… I am a man of principles. And never give the climax is the foremost!

The highlight of the movie remains the love making scene between Sharman and Chitrangada. What’s so special is the fact that they do it in a changing room of a clothing store, taking all their time, even resting for a while (elaborately shot)… and giving out the sweetest message – ‘When the time is right, don’t look left… JUST DO IT’.

But what takes a toll is that the entire movie is as elaborate and snail paced, even in the most redundant of moments. Sanjay Suri, Boman remain highly underutilised and so do all the emotions. Sharman plays off well. However, for Chitrangada, maybe it’s not just her genre, for she certainly looks hesitant. Shabana’s character is the only one that enjoys definition, yet she just does her usual brow-raised act. All in all, the performances lack direction, just like the movie. Onir step forward and take the blame!

However, the movie looks good, with Mauritius showing off its most exotic locations, Onir’s penchant for beaches working in favour and very good styling by Anita Dongre.

You certainly don’t feel restless on your seats but it just doesn’t give you enough in terms of a movie. Again, I will recommend a DVD watch… but for the theatres: The President of America would be a better choice!

Source: Sanskriti Media

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