Salman Khan in YuvrajSalman Khan was not very pleased when director Subhash Ghai first asked him to colour his hair blonde for Yuvvraaj .

Subhash Ghai, who returns to direction after the superdud Kisna , wanted to experiment with Salman’s look in ‘Yuvvraaj’. He wanted to give the handsome star a different look that would match his vibrant personality.

Ghai superimposed different hairstyles on Salman’s photograph to determine which look would suit the star better. But the director could not make up his mind until right before the shooting of the film’s first schedule in Austria.

The idea just popped in Ghai’s head and he asked Salman to dye his hair blonde for his role in ‘Yuvvraaj’. Actually Salman’s character of Deven Yuvvraaj goes through changes in the movie, and the plot demands him to spot three distinct looks. For the mature look, Ghai wanted him to dye his hair. However, Salman, who’s very finicky about his hair, refused to do so. Ghai was disappointed.

Ghai’s disappointment continued when Salman failed to turn up for the shoot. After a few hours of wait when Ghai thought Salman had been seriously offended by his suggestion, the superstar walked in and, to Ghai’s utter surprise, had actually dyed his hair blonde. Ghai instantly liked Salman in that look.

‘Yuvvraaj’ is the story of three brothers played by Salman, Anil Kapoor and Zayed Khan . Katrina Kaif plays a cello player who reunites the three estranged brothers. The film hits the theatres this Friday.

Source: Apunkachoice

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