Bollywood is getting more and more ambitious. If producer Vikas Kapoor and director Samir Karnik (the Heroes pair) can be expected to fulfill their next dream, the most expensive film ever made in Indian cinema, history is on the cards. Tentatively, it is being called Lanka; and, Kapoor and Karnik have five Bollywood hunks in mind for the film and one hot woman.

Bollywood's Most Expensive Movie

The film is being described as a thriller, and its production values are already around Rs 90 crore, that’s not counting the fat pay packets of the star cast. Much like
Mission Impossible, Lanka will be shot underwater extensively, and the plot has the six actors trying to recover 60,000 tons of gold from the seabed 6,000 feet below.

Not exciting enough? Then hear this! The cast includes hunk Salman Khan, Greek God Hrithik Roshan, the hot and sexy Abhishek Bachchan, the intense Ajay Devgan and the daring Bobby Deol and the sultry Priyanka Chopra. Kapoor, unwilling to divulge much, admitted, “We are finalising the script and nobody’s officially been signed so far. But, this being an adventurous project, we will require actors of that calibre to fit the roles. We have bounced the script with a few of them and all are very excited.” He is unfazed by the headache of handling so many big stars. “It’s not rocket science,” said Kapoor, “if you have a good script and you respect the stars’ space, they cooperate.

Because everyone works towards making the film a success.” Action experts and technical wizards from Hollywood will be flown down when the film is being shot in India. Otherwise, action sequences are also planned in Las Vegas, parts of Japan, Paris, with the underwater sequences being kept for Australia.

Source: Zoomtv

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