Hello Hindi FilmReview: Hello; Movie Cast: Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Sharman Joshi, Katrina Kaif, Eesha Koppikhar, Gul Panag and Amrita Arora; Director: Atul Agnihotri; Rating: 3 out of 5.

As everyone knows, Hello is based on author Chetan Bhagat’s bestseller One Night @ The Call Center which is based on the BPO industry. Atul Agnihotri has tried to touch a new subject roping in all the essential commercial values successfully. The storyline is intriguing which opens through the views of the protagonist Shyam (Sharman Joshi). The blend of shattered ambitions and how people lose their love has been weaved well.

The story shows a lot of love and affection in a family comprising of mother and daughter Priyanka (Gul Panag). Mother believes that her daughter should get married to a rich NRI so that she does not have to face the poverty and hardships which the mother had to go through. Hence she refutes the proposal from Shyam.

HelloOn the other hand, Esha (Eesha Koppikhar) shuns her family and lives alone to achieve her motto of making big in the fashion world. The story unfolds showing how she falls prey to a man who promises her to crown in the pageant. In the meantime, Varun Malhotra (Sohail Khan) tries different ways to vow Esha who, initially, refuses to budge but at the end realises his sincere love.

Also Radhika (Amrita Arora) who has to try hard working at both the places, at home during the day and at the call centre during night, is at the receiving end. She is always depressed after she comes to know that her hubby Arbaaz Khan is having an extra marital affair. So she starts ingesting tablets to fight depression.

In another instance, Sharad Saxena is in awe with his grandson who lives in America but is not allowed by his son to interact with him. He terribly misses his grandson. The story unveils the ethos of each character in the globalised office. Also how these five characters teach a lesson to their Boss Subhash Bakshi (Dalip Tahil) and disclose the truth to their employer in America and how in the climax god gives a call to all of them and everything is put straight is worth watching.

Hello is Agnihotri’s second project. His directorial debut Dil Ne Jise Apna Kaha was proved a dud at the box office in 2004.But this film has a lot of potential. Agnihotri has tried to cast each character judiciously. He has also aptly portrayed Salman and Katrina who narrates the story to Sallu and gives him two options to end the film. While leaving after the narration, Agnihotri, in a sleek manner, reveals that she was not from this globe. The comical and serious blend of dialogues written by Chetan Bhagat rightly arouses seriousness and laughter bouts.

Sharman in HelloThere is enough drama and thrill which has been maintained in the film. Sharman Joshi has successfully proved his potentials again. Sohail Khan seems to have improved. His performance in the film is better compared to his earlier flicks. His mannerisms – anger and dance in the film – will surely allure the audiences. All the three ladies Gul Panag, Amrita Arora and Eesha Koppikhar play their part to the best of their ability. Nothing much to vouch for or criticise in their performances.

The filmmaker’s attempt to strive incessantly to revive the culture of our country to the commercial entity, ie, America, and promoting the feeling of India being the best will surely be appreciated by the audiences.

Although the music is mediocre, it keeps you fresh. Prolific cinematography is soothing to the eyes. Nothing more could be added or chopped on the edit table. The length of the film seems sufficient and justifies itself.

Hello, being from the family hailing from Bollywood, evidently depicts its conscious and joint efforts to make the film a success by not leaving any stone unturned.

All in all the movie has drama, thrill, good actors and better messages. We recommend it as a ‘one time watch’.

Source: Sanskriti Media

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