Ever since the much-hyped break up of Shahid-Kareena took place, the handsome actor is linked with a string of actresses. First, it was Amrita Rao, then Vidya Balan and Sania Mirza. But the latest to join the list of his ‘just good friends’ is Priyanka Chopra. Buzz is that Priyanka and Shahid are bonding big time while shooting for Vishal Bhardwaj’s Kaminay.

Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra

Another source close to Shahid insists that the actor is no longer with tennis star Sania Mirza. “Shahid and Priyanka have been getting close ever since Shahid distanced himself from Sania a month ago. Both of them are professionals and are hassle-free. When they met, they clicked instantly.”

The Kapur lad always found Priyanka intriguing, even when he was dating Kareena Kapoor but they didn’t sign any films together as at the time, the two actresses were warring. Says a source, “Right now they are very fond of each other. There’s nothing else to it. They are both feeling vulnerable. Things are cooling off between Shahid and Sania and Priyanka and Harman are fighting and arguing ever since the release of Love Story 2050. When Harman went to Jaipur to shoot for Victory, Priyanka joined Shahid in Pune to shoot for Kaminay. And a new friendship is emerging on the sets.”

Shahid and Priyanka

The source says that right from day one, Priyanka and Shahid got along like a house on fire. “They would spend hours just chatting. Though Shahid is a shy and private person, he was seen opening up to the bubbly and friendly Priyanka. They are enjoying each other’s company, that much is pretty evident to anyone who sees them together. Time will tell whether this B-Town friendship will develop into something more.”

Priyanka and the Kapur lad have been going out for dinners and movie events too. An insider says, “Recently, both were spotted at the premiere of Tahaan because both are close to Mubeena Rattonsey, the executive producer of the film. They became closer because of this common friend. Priyanka, Mubeena and Shahid often go out for dinners and hang out together.” Shahid and Priyanka even sat together during the screening. Interestingly, they stay in the same apartment complex, Raj Classique at Versova, and have also been spotted travelling together to shoots.”

Shahid Priyanka Love

With relationships making up and breaking up within seconds, it seems Bollywood has caught a new kind of fever, ‘Make Up and Break Up’.

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