Kareena Kapoor, Bollywood’s blazing trendsetter, is herself stepping into Hollywood hottie Angelina Jolie’s shoes. Not by doing a Lara Croft, but by lending her voice to India’s first animation film Roadside Romeo which is being directed for Yash Chopra productions by child star and actor Jugal Hansraj.

Roadside Romeo

Kareena admitted she was hugely inspired to do this by Jolie who, recently, was heard in the popular Hollywood kids’ animation film Kung-fu Panda. And to get her act perfect, Kareena watched Kung-fu Panda several times to study how Jolie successfully delivered her dialogues.

Kareena Kapoor in Black White Photo

The Bollywood diva also heard the story and understood the character she was dubbing for because she knew that it was her voice that would put across all the emotion and drama required in the animation film. Studio hands, at the end of her work, gave Kareena a thumbs-up in approval.

Cute Kareena

“It was fun dubbing for this film,” revealed Kareena. “It’s the first time an actress has dubbed for an animation film and since it was a first of sorts, it was particularly challenging.” What she is not saying, however, is that Saif Ali Khan has also lent his voice to Roadside Romeo… and for the character who romances Kareena’s on screen! Isn’t that cute?

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