Ketan Mehta’s animated film Ramayan will have Juhi Chawla’s voice for the animated version of Sita.The film will be directed by Chetan Desai. Maya Entertainments’ “Ramayana -the epic “is based on the real Ramayana written by sage Valmiki.

Juhi Chawla

Juhi was offered the role of Draupadi by B.R.Chopra in his epic serial Mahabharat and it seems she had also shot for the serial for two days but at the same time Mukul Anand offered her the lead in his film ‘Sultanat.’

That time getting an entry into Bollywood which was like a chance of a lifetime for Juhi, made her refuse the role of Draupadi. Rupa Ganguli later played the role of Draupadi.

Each time Juhi recollects she wishes she could have played the role of Draupadi.Being able to lend her voice to Sita in the animated film has left her feeling more content. As it is said whatever happens, happens for the best, had Juhi debuted in the small screen we would have missed her chirpy laughter on the big screen.

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