Hari Puttar WallpapersMovie: Hari Puttar; Cast: Sarika, Jackie Shroff, Zain Khan (child artist), Saurabh Shukla, Vijay Raaz, Swini Khara, Aadesh Shrivastav and Shaan; Director: Lucky Kohli; Rating: 1 out of 5

A comedy of Terrors? The apt name would be a Terrifying Comedy. That’s what happens when Bollywood tries to mix n match and prepare a concoction which appears more like a sh*t rather than a broth. Insane is the word if they could even imagine that they could match up the capabilities of being Home Alone or Macaulay Culkin or any in fact. In fact I just hope none of the Director and Crew of Home Alone ,gets a peep also in the mumbo-jumbo of Hari Puttar , the title which seems to be directly picked up from our reference to Harry Potter in general. My curiosity got better with the fact that Warner brothers’  plea against the usage of name Hari Puttar was rejected in court of law.

HariZain Khan(Hari) replaces Macaulay and is a 10 year old trying to get himself noticed in the world of grown-ups. He has an alter too in the form of an animation, munching on Britannia biscuits, ehh, so much for these promotional dim-wits. He talks about his London adventures , though no clue is given as to how he landed up in the huge rambling mansion. Yeah yeah I know its about a Chip which his father Rez Kempton (Amul) has created. But what the heck? Since when has a scientist started residing amidst a jungle with only a tent and laptop to his disposal? Or better only his son Hari knows where is the chip, who himself doesn’t know where it’s hidden ? .Well again not to fall into the perplexity of the situation  and proceed to Mom Sarika. She seems to be having a ball, coz her affection and rebuke come in similar tones and emotions. They get visitors in form Lilette Dubey , the aunt looking straight out of Vogue magazine, not to be respected but ogled at. Alongwith her numerous kids and husband Jackie Shroff. As I lost the number while counting them, I would let it be, but the girls look more British than Indian and boys seriously cannot be Jackie’s kids. Anyways why should I be concerned about their paternal links. So here comes in Swini Khera(Tuk tuk), getting attached to Hari right from the first meeting.
Henceforth the story is about Hari and Tuktuk being left on their own devices, while the whole family pushes away for a vacation. Hari gets his wish of being alone. But danger to Hari, Tuktuk and  of course the chip lurks in form of Saurabh Shukla( Diesel) and Vijay Raaj(Filter).Here I lose my hope completely!

I will probably watch that old treasured cassette of Home Alone to remove that bad taste from my mouth. Wish the filmmakers realized that even a copy needs to be reproduced intelligently!

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