Randeep Hooda of the Ru-Ba-Ru fame owes a lot to Aamir Khan. Had it not been for Aamir, Shiney Ahuja would have been in Randeep’s shoes, playing solo hero in Ru-Ba-Ru.

Shiney Ahuja

Shiney who was supposed to play the lead role in Ru-Ba-Ru was opted out and Randeep Hooda was given the role instead, all thanks to the perfectionist Khan. The enmity between the two dates back to the days while shooting for Yash Raj’s film film Fanaa. It so happened that Aamir, would not move on to the next shot until he was fully satisfied with his scene, Shiney would often tell Ravi K Chandran (cinematographer of Fanaa) that Aamir was taking retakes because he could not stand up to him (Shiney).The statement did not go down too well with Aamir. ‘

Aamir Khan


Apart from above ,Shiney Ahuja was also known to be interfering a lot with the script of Ru-Ba-Ru. The director Arun Bali then took Aamir’s words of replacing him with Randeep Hooda.

Percept Picture Company’s Managing Director, Shailendra Singh confirmed the above episode adding that, “It is true that I replaced Shiney Ahuja with Randeep Hooda in Ru-Ba-Ru. All I can say is that Shiney is too much of an intellectual for a film. He seems to know about every aspect of filmmaking. But I firmly feel that the producer is meant to produce, the director is meant to direct and an actor is meant to only act.”

We hope Shiney learns from his mistake that no one should rub the wrong way with the Khans of Bollywood.

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