Salman compares SRK with VivekSo how upset is Salman Khan with Shah Rukh and is he all set to marry girlfriend Katrina Kaif. CNN-IBN’s Rohit Khilnani got the actor talking about all this and more.

Do you read newspapers? You make the most of the headlines in it.
I just go through them. If something catches my eyes. I go through that. It is disturbing because it is not true. It is all lies. I don’t talk that much. If I am talking, I am talking about my film. I do not go in the intricate details. Especially Mid Day has been writing rubbish since a long time.

You are in the news once again for your fallout with your old friend Shah Rukh Khan and you have said that you an Shah Rukh can never be friends. Does that kill all the future possibilities of working together, doing a jig or a film together?

You equate your relationship with Shah Rukh as the same as your equation with Vivek Oberoi. But Vivek Oberoi did a lot of damage to you in the media and public, did Shah Rukh upset you that much?
They have similar personalities. I don’t want to talk about it.

You said that next year you will get married to Katrina Kaif and settle down?
This question was asked to me a bit too much. So, to put an end to all this, I said one year but this one year thing has come to my head only. I also said one year, five days ago. So let us see how long this one year continues.

You did not stop just there. You said that as soon as you get married to Katrina Kaif, you will have babies. Is that because you are great with kids?
I have been getting an urge to settle down and have a family. That is why I said all that.

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