‘Bipasha Basu’, that was the first name the came that came to Ranbir Kapoor’s mind when TIMES NOW asked him who he thought was most sexy.

Ranbir Kapoor watching Bipasha Basu

Looks like Bipasha has scored one up over Deepika Padukone on Ranbir’s hotty rating list.

Ranbir has had the fortune of working with three divas — Bipasha Basu, Deepika Padukone and Minisha Lamba — in his upcoming film ‘Bacha ae Haseeno’ and he was in quite a spot when he was asked, ” whom do you find the most sexy?”

Well it was not expected for him to take Bipasha Basu’s name ahead of his beau Deepika. So has sultry siren Bipasha Basu scored a hit over newcomer Deepika Padukone? Well if beau Ranbir Kapoor’s besotted answers are anything to go by, then Bipasha wins hands down.

When asked to compare the three actresses Ranbir said, “Bipasha Basu is a senior and she has got more experience. So I don’t think it’s fair to compare the three as actors.”

Ranbir and Bipasha

So as to not deviate from the real topic, he was asked to describe Deepika and not Bipasha. Ranbir replied, “She’s beautiful, talented and harworking. So are Bipasha and Minisha. All three of them are all these adjectives put together and more.”

But wait here’s the cinch. When we specifically asked, ” What is Deepika?”, pat came the answer; ‘Gorgeous.’

Is this the best Ranbir Kapoor can manage for the woman who seems to be the apple of his eye. Atleast isn’t that what their appearances together are meant to convey? A small birdie told us that Deepika isn’t all that happy.

Source: TimesNow

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