She’s dressed to kill! That’s not Priyanka Chopra but Sonia, the warrior, in Bollywood’s first mega-budget, fantasy-action flick Drona. It’s directed by Goldie Behl and co-stars Abhishek Bachchan.

Priyanka Chopra's new look

“Goldie knew what he wanted and the look has turned out to be just that,” says the actress, whose outfit was designed by Anaita Shroff and make-up done by Mickey Contractor. And she joins ranks with Akshay Kumar in making the pagdi look fashionable in this role. “I’m wearing a pagdi but we didn’t want it to have a complete Indian look so we used leather texture. The outfit is made of chiffon and we have used a waist-coat too,” says Priyanka giving BT an exclusive peek at her new look for which she had to prepare a lot.

The red hair of LoveStory 2050 has given ground to long, flowing tresses. “I had to do action scenes and the hair kept coming in my way,” laughs Priyanka, adding, “but then that was the idea, to make me look tough, yet feminine.”

She studied the Sikh form of martial arts Gatka for this role. “The two daggers are what I fight with and I had to learn to use them,” she says. Which is nothing compared to the fight sequence she did on top of a running train! “It was moving at 70 kmph and I did somersaults from one bogey to another,” says Priyanka.

Source: Zoomtv

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