Last week the Khallas girl Isha Koppikar was rushed to the hospital. She was on the sets of Rajshri’s Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi when the unit members hit the panic button. Apparently, Eesha fainted on the sets and was rushed to the nearest maternity hospital. Eesha feels that it was stress and long working hours that aggravated her condition. But the unit members of the film have a different story to tell.

Isha Koppikar Pregnant

As confirmed by a source, she asked the people to take her to the nearest gynecologist. That incident triggered off the speculations about her alleged pregnancy. When we hear her side of the story she said that she was definitely in a maternity hospital for 4 days but getting treated for stress and nothing else.

Being a complete actor, Eesha says that she gets so engrossed in the character she plays that she doesn’t remember eating or sleeping thus it in turn affects her health. However she rebuffs rumors about her pregnancy by calling it nothing but rubbish!

Source: Zoomtv

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