Everyone knows that Koena Mitra has had multiple surgeries done on the chin, nose, and cheeks. It’s been a year since the actress first went under the knife. The result however was disastrous. Koena now looks plastic, instead of pretty.

Koena Mitra's Nose Job

The actress’ transformation has been discussed and debated endlessly by filmwallas but no one has come out and said it openly. Until now. In a recent interview to Showtime magazine, Sherlyn Chopra has made fun of Koena’s surgery.

Sherlyn says, “Koena reminds me of Michael Jackson.” She admits that it makes her fumes when women in the industry blatantly lie after their makeovers. She says she never feared her surgeries, “At least I am glad that my doctor has done a neat nose job.

Koena Mitra and Michael Jackson - Look Alikes?

When I tell people, especially my friends, that I have had a nose job done, they think I am kidding because it doesn’t show. And thankfully it’s not like Michael’s nose,” she takes another crack at Koena.

In her interview the actress-turned-singer admits that she has had multiple surgeries ranging from nose to butt. “I have groomed myself a lot.” She pauses and then adds, “with the help of my doctor.”

Koena remained unavailable for comment.

Source: Mid-Day

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