Shahid KapoorFresh from the success of Jab We Met, Shahid Kapoor is all set with Kismet Konnection, which will hit theatres this Friday. CNN-IBN’s entertainment editor Rajeev Masand quizzed him on his films and of course the much talked about link-ups.

Your new look is for Vishal Bharadwaj’s film called Kameenay. It is a very interesting title. What can you tell us?
Nothing actually. We have just started shooting for the film. It is a very interesting film. Yes I think Kameenay is the working title of the film as of now. I don’t know if Vishal would want to retain it for the film. It is something different.

You have to tell us. Are you Kameenay?
Well, you have to see the film.

On one hand you do a film like Vivah, which is an old fashioned, back to the roots kind of story and on the other hand you do a film like Jab We Met, which is a younger and a different kind of a narrative and mindset completely. The real Shahid…What is he drawn to?
Definitely, I can’t connect to a guy who is getting into an arranged marriage. It is not my space personally. But what excites me is to try something new. I guess that always comes from the director. I like all kinds of films. But I think the film Jab We Met is a film reflective of a person that I am, in the sense of sensibility and not the character.

Shahid and VidyaAre you kind of tired with the whole country trying to get you hooked up? Everyday there is a different name. Are you going to do us a favour and get yourself a girlfriend and tell us her name so that everyone stops bothering you?
I guess if people are a little patient, I am sure someone will come along, who I will like. I am sure that will happen. I have always said that I am never going to make an effort to hide that I am in a relationship.

But at the same time I don’t feel the need to stand on the rooftop and shout about it. Because, being an actor I am aware that there is already going to be certain amount of curiosity, which is going to come in my personal space. I am a private person. I like to guard my private space.

If there is someone, I will go out watch a movie, go for a dinner and go out with friends. Then, people will know about it.

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