Shahid and KareenaShe was seen sneaking into the screening of ‘Kismet Konnection’!

Shahid and Kareena have been one of the most talked about couples in recent times and even after their break-up they continue to make news.

Looks like Saif Ali Khan is getting the sharp end of every rod these days. Personally and professionally, he seems to be in a big mess!

Shahid and Kareena were in a relationship for almost three years, before Shahid decided to break up.

It was also believed that Kareena had literally begged him to reconsider his decision, but to no avail. She found it extremely difficult to get over him and the relationship for a long time.

Things of course took a rapid turn when Saif came into her life. But, looks like Kareena just can‘t get Shahid out of her life.

This dame seems to be suffering from a big time Shahid hangover.

Recently, a special screening of ‘Kismet Konnection‘ was held at the Yash Raj studios. A lot of prominent names were present at the screening, but Kareena was spotted sneaking in very surreptitiously.

Obviously, Saif was nowhere around to be seen!

Probably, she wanted to check out the chemistry between Vidya Balan and Shahid. After all, there were rumours about their link-up.

Looking at the way Saif‘s professional life is going; chances are she won‘t stick around with him for long.

After all, she‘s one of the most high profile actresses right now.

Although, Kareena really thinks that such clandestine drool sessions can really dent her reputation!

Source: BB

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