Rumours are rife that one of the hottest couples in Bollywood, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, is heading for splitsville. The final blow to their relationship came in the form of the spat between Salman and Shah Rukh Khan on Katrina’s birthday. Industry sources said Katrina is no mood to forgive him for his behaviour with Shah Rukh on her birthday which attracted much media attention. She also thinks that he should have acted like a good host and dealt with the matter gracefully.

Katrina and Salman

Salman and Katrina’s relationship was already going through a rough patch as the actress has long stopped taking his advice regarding her professional life, which irked the actor. Reason being, Sallu, known for his hot temper, had objections to Kat’s choice of films, her co stars and even the outfits she wore for some films. With so many tinselville romances biting the dust, we wish the duo would kiss and make up! 

Source: Zee News

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