Akshay and KatrinaBollywood actress Katrina Kaif has just turned 24 and with five consecutive hits coming her way, there’s no stopping Katrina Kaif. CNN-IBN spoke to her and she is keeping her fingers crossed for her next film Singh is Kinng.

If Akshay Kumar is the King, are you the queen?
No. At the back of the trucks, they write, ‘Horn…Ok please’, I think Anish ji saw it behind one of the trucks and he liked it. That is what I have heard.

RKatrina Kaif Queenecently you got this tag of being the sexiest woman in the world. At home, your folks, are they proud of it, or do they laugh about it?
No. They actually laugh. Every time I go home, when I am going out for dinner or clubbing with my sisters, they say, ‘get Katrina something from grandmothers cupboard.’ That is because they think I am not stylish. They think I don’t not dress well. My sisters are well-dressed girls. So, when they heard it, they were shocked. I told them that maybe people like simple and sweet girls.

It is your birthday today and if a genie would appear and ask you to make a wish. What would you ask?
One wish would be, that my entire family was here on my birthday night.

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