Shahid and KareenaWhile it takes other couples much more than just a year to spot the potholes in their relationship and hit the road to splitsville, Saif and Bebo seem to be getting there much faster than anticipated. Unlike the Katrina and Salman saga, where the couple continues to make failed attempts to hide the cracks in their relationship, Bebo and her beau seem to be rather enjoying PDA (Publically Displayed Altercations).

According to reports, the couple is on the verge of calling it off officially and it’s the femme fatale-Kareena, who is taking the charge to end this obsessive affair.

Story goes; that its Saif’s overtly possessive acts that is driving the Kapoor babe nuts. Even before the battle over the Sylverster Stallone-Bebo’s famous kiss could get over, Kareena once again got Saif’s blood boiling because she along with one of her friends went to catch Shahid’s latest flick ‘Kismat Konnection’.

What’s angered the Nawab kid even more was that Bebo actually sacrificed their intimate evening together to watch Shahid’s movie. Oops .. going by Chhote Nawab’s ‘bada’ ego this was too much for the prince to stand. And pat goes Saif, shouting and exchanging rude words with the extra gutsy Bebo.

Looks like cupid is striking stinking arrows these days! And with the breakup season on being on, the first was the Priyanka–Harman affair; it seems B-town couples are finding more reasons than ever to call it over.

Source: Zee News

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