Our favourite Bollywood stars don’t ever let their personal lives turn dull. Each day is a new day for link ups and controversies. Most recently, we heard about John and Bipasha yet again. Seems like the babe is insecure, as she recently prevented John from signing a film, directed by Nikhil Advani with former co- actor Vidya Balan. Not to forget that the hot hunk was in news with Vidya during the making of Salaam- E – Ishq. Supposedly this isn’t the first time for the couple. The lady in love too has been a part of several controversies, with footballer Ronaldo- link up being the latest of all.

John Abraham and Vidya Balan

Apart from this, be it Kariena- Shahid- Amrita or Salman- Aishwarya- Vivek, love triangles in Bollywood have been a common sight. Whatever it might be, looks like Bips doesn’t wish to take any chance with her relationship with John darling.

Source: ZoomTV

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