Genelina D'souzaThe astounding success of ‘Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’ has surely put the young Genelia D’ Souza on cloud nine, who seems all set to take B-town by the storm. The sultry beauty, who remained unnoticed prior to the release of the film, has now become a face to reckon with cashing upon her bubbly girl next door image. In an exclusive chat with Tanu Talwar, the angel faced diva spoke about her life, love, career and the newly found success post ‘Jaane Tu’.

How did ‘Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’ happen?
I had auditioned for Abbas Tyrewala a year and a half back, and the day I decided to take a break as I had been working for a straight five long years down south, I got a call from Aamir Khan Productions. When I reached the production office, I got to know that this was the same film for which I had auditioned earlier. And what happened next is that I was in the movie. So things worked out great..!

How has it been working with Aamir and Imran?
Working with both Aamir and Imran has been a big party. Aamir gives you confidence. He instills belief and courage in you. With his believing in me I started to believe in myself. Then again the team that he has put together is fantastic. Working with the entire team with of ‘Jaane Tu…’ has been extremely enjoyable.

As for Imran, strangely from the day we met we hit it off. We even did our screen test together. I felt very comfortable working with him. We became real good friends just like we have been shown in the film.

How far do you identify yourself with Aditi in ‘ Jaane Tu ’?
I identify a lot with Aditi. In fact I am very much like her in real life. I am a complete loyalist for my friends and have always stood up for them. In my college days you can say I was just like Aditi, leaving aside the abusive and picking up fights part, of course. I could never do that (laughs). So yes, in a lot of ways I am like Aditi. Just like her I am not able to express my feelings so openly.

So how about your friends in Bollywood?
Well, currently I have done only a few movies in the industry so I have not many friends in Bollywood. But yes, while working in all the flicks that I have done so far, I shared a wonderful rapport with all my colleagues. And I feel that the entire cast and crew of ‘Jaane Tu’ are my good friends and we had had a blast together.

Your role in the flick ‘Bomirili’ won you a Filmfare . The role was that of a bubbly college girl who does as her heart desires somewhat similar to what we saw in ‘Jaane Tu’. Do you think that such roles fit you the best?
Yes, of course, I feel young roles fit me perfectly as that is my age group. But above all, I am an actor and if a script requires me to don a much matured look then I would readily do so.

Aren’t you afraid of getting typecast in a tomboy image?
Well no. I am open to challenges and I am looking out for interesting scripts. So, it is too early for me to be typecast.

Imran and Aamir are everywhere. Imran is so new to the industry while you have worked earlier as well. Do you think publicity of the film has been a bit unfair to you?
I feel that I got my share of publicity and I have no such feelings. I think that I got a real fair deal.

Since you have done a lot of flicks down South, was Hindi an issue for you?
No, not as such. I can read and write Hindi. But since I come from a Christian background, I am not used to speaking the language, so delivering dialogues was a little difficult but I think it will come along…

What has changed for you after ‘Jaane Tu’?
A lot of recognition has come after ‘Jaane Tu’. And this recognition is not just from within the industry but also outside. A lot of people recognize me now.

What’s next (movies)?
Currently, I am working on Anees Bazmi’s flick that is tentatively titled as ‘It’s my life’ with actor Harman Baweja.

What kind of roles are you looking at?
I am looking at roles that would challenge me as an actor. I do not wish to do roles for the sake of doing films. I am looking out for some really different and interesting script.

Which actor would you love to work with?
(Laughs) I am interested in working with all of them as long as a project excites me and yes, of course I want to work with Salman, SRK and other talented actors.

Tell us a little about family?
Oh, I have a very supportive family. My family plays a very important role in all my decisions. My mom is with me most of the time and she really helps me in making the right career choices.

Imran is very candid about his love life. Are you seeing someone?
No I am not.

So you have no crushes in the industry?
No, not right now. I am single and plan to stay that way for now. I just want to focus on my career.

Source: Zee News

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